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MarkTraceur (talkcontribs)
  • We could probably infer from an annotation with one link that it's meant to be a link to the Wikidata item, and go by that. We could also convert Wikipedia/Commons links to WD links either on the fly or in our migration script.
  • Given the types of annotations you found, I think there are cases to be made for Wikidata, plain text, and formatted text annotations. We can go between each type depending on what the user actually inputs (choose wikitext, then only input one link? you get a Wikidata link.)
  • For discovery, the "text at the bottom" option means we aren't as portable, as I discovered when I turned it on for thumbnails. There's now a config option to turn off that alert, but I suspect we can do better.
    • In that same section, there's a mention of "list of all annotations on the page" - what does that look like on non-file pages?
  • For adding annotations, we can use a question/answer interface, like
    • What do you want to say about this part of the image?
      • This is an object, person, place, or concept
        • What is its name? (Wikidata search box)
          • "Barack Obama"
            • Okay, added tag for Barack Obama to the image.
          • "I couldn't find it"
            • Please enter a description in the box below: (wikitext (or plain text?) input)
      • This is text I would like to transcribe
        • What is the text? (wikitext input)
      • This is a part of the image that I have taken a more detailed picture of, and I want to link to that picture.
        • Is the picture on Commons?
          • Yes
            • What is the filename?
          • No
            • Send to UploadWizard? Pop up Upload Dialog?
      • This is a part of the image for which I would like to provide context
        • What's going on here? (wikitext input)

Maybe a few other options, but there's what I thought of off the top of my head.

Jdforrester (WMF) (talkcontribs)

I like the Q&A interface concept for adding new ones.

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