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Nimmzo (talkcontribs)


CX expands the closing slash "/" of each shortcut of reference:

<ref name="IcwInMe"/>

into the corresponding duplicated reference:

<ref name="IcwInMe"><cite class="citation web">
"Special screening - closing: ''En Moi''"](...)</cite>

The issues are:

  1. More than one expanded reference have the same identifier in <ref name="...">. Compare English original WikiCode with Spanish translated WikiCode already partially edited.
  2. The dates in references are not translated.

Removing globally all duplicated references wasn't allowed in the WP editor for a new wikipedian. The suspected reason could be: 'quantity of removed text too big in one session'. The following attempts were made to evaluate the threshold:

  • Substituting one by one each duplicated reference by its equivalent shortcut generated in the historique the Spanish tag "posible vandalismo" by the bot in charge of the detection of newbie blanking pages because the bot wasn't programed to analyze the equivalence.
  • These bot's warnings and the quantity of text (> 500 bytes), removed by a newbie, provoked the first revert of the translated article stopping the process of translation to ensure crime scene remains untouched before deeper investigations: either the other strictly identical replacements should be reverted or the first revert should be cancelled.
Erschallet (talkcontribs)

I helped with duplicate refs. The problem was that the translator does not work with infoboxes and the first ref with the full code was there so...

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