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Reguyla (talkcontribs)

@Qgil-WMF, Krenair, Quiddity: Greetings Folks, I know you are not the people who do this but please pass this on to whomever at the WMF is.With the indef block I just received on commons for a minor comment (that is also directly related to my EnWP ban that should never have been allowed). Now that I am now indeffed/banned on 2 WMF projects, a 2 week block on Meta and an indef ban on IRC because I will not STFU and won't stop fighting my abusive ban on the English Wikipedia so I expect I will be globally blocked soon. Since the WMF does not have the moral courage to do anything about admin abuse on the projects like my bullshit ban just do the only thing you are willing to do with dedicated editors and just block my account now.I was a dedicated high output editor for years, amassed hundreds of thousands of edit, blah, blah, blah. I did a ton for these projects. More than nearly all of the important admins but no one cares because I am just an editor and the culture on these sites doesn't care about editors regardless of how much we do. Any admin can block any editor for any reason at all or in some cases no reason and the editor just has to take it because the WMF won't do anything.Rather than unban me so I can contribute and build an encyclopedia the WMF and the community would rather have abusive admins who violate policy and bully editors. That is not a project I want to be a part of and really no one else does either, which is why new editors aren't joining the few that are aren't staying and people are leaving in droves. If all the WMF cares about is gaining donation dollars and enabling an abusive admin culture then you are going to get what you deserve. A hostile and toxic work environment.Your code of conduct will never succeed in that environment since you don't have the desire to do anything about the problematic admins who are responsible for the decline of the sites.