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Should document what happens if a poll changes

VictorPorton (talkcontribs)

It is not documented what happens if a poll changes, for example if a new answer is added. Please document.

Also it would be good to allow the user to add a new answer in the middle, edit an answer, etc.

Also, what if the same poll is placed at several pages, will them be counted together or not?

Wikinaut (talkcontribs)
  1. The Poll is identified by the hash of the poll text (data), you can see the hash in the HTML page source code like [null ajaxpoll-id-0B689754CB7B11764B1761A962BDAAA0]
  2. All vote actions and so are actually working on that ID, and therefore any text change creates a new hash, and a new poll (the old is not deleted - so if you restore the text, the old poll is magically resurrected, unless you as admin haven't deleted it in the database.
  3. Editing by user is not implemented, and difficult. The Extension was not designed to handle this.
  4. If you place the same poll on several pages - because the text and therefore the hash of it is the same, all actions work on the same database entry. In that way, the answer is "not. Votes are the same, and are not added together"
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