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Dvorapa (talkcontribs)

For 14 hours all queries are just queued. Could you fix it, please?

YuviPanda (talkcontribs)

Someone else restarted it, and that seems to have fixed it. I'll look into better monitoring of these in the future - apologies for the inconvenience :(

Le Deluge (talkcontribs)

Is there a problem with the server at the moment? For maybe the last 10 days it seems to have been running a lot slower than usual - a query of mine that normally takes about 20 minutes has been getting killed every time. I don't mind the odd kill at busy times, but it's been happening every time of late. Interestingly Bernsteinbot had similar problems running a similar query last night - if you look at the history you'll see that (starting at the same time every week) it typically takes 10-30 minutes to run the report, but last night it took 4.5 hours! Is there anything that can be done to help? Le Deluge (talk) 11:31, 7 April 2016 (UTC)

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