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MediaWiki Social Network for Storytelling

Jonblondyn (talkcontribs)

Hey Varnent,

I posted this article in the Support Desk, but received no response. Upon doing some search on Google, I came across your WikiShare Extension. I wanted to share this with you and hear your thoughts, and also whether or not you know of a good MediaWiki Community for receiving feedback on this topic.



3 Questions that that the MediaWiki Community may be able to address —

  1. What kind of “Social Media-Like" network do you envision may be conducive to the future of Storytelling?
  2. How hard would it be to evolve the MediaWiki Platform into a Social Network?
  3. Who is up for the challenge?

At one level, I'm referring to the possibility of connecting MediaWiki Websites, with each one, serving as an independently hosted "publishing press" for storytelling.

Imagine a CC BY-SA (Creative Commons License that MediaWiki supports) Social Network where “literary-worlds” intersect — where writers have the opportunity to legally build upon each another's story, characters, etc.

For instance, imagine you love Harry Potter and want to evolve the World of Harry Potter. While fan-fiction's an option, it's basically illegal, especially when it comes to making the sale... (Harry Potter, obviously, Copyright Protected.) And aside from the money-making-aspect, why would anyone wait in line at the Publisher's Inbox when the masses are streaming their fiction online?

If it's not online, does it exist?

With a MediaWiki Social Network, open to "all", yet exclusively edited by "Friends," writers could potentially —

  1. Create worlds together
  2. Publish Stories in a Real-Time Atmosphere on a Platform that is "Independently Owned"
  3. Help edit one another's work
  4. Create unique or exclusive "Publishing Teams" (perhaps that edit work for free or for compensation)
  5. Generate an audience while posting creative writes
  6. Get immediate feedback
  7. A "Graffiti Wall" — an idea where "Friends" or anyone (depending on the page's "Protection") can post some work


With the Creative Commons Movement constantly growing—featuring their strongest push in the CC BY-SA “Copyleft” Direction — https://stateof.creativecommons.org/2015/ — the communal creation of decentralized fiction is now an option — why not the reality?

While personally not big on the Social Media scene, I've been working on a story (for nearly 10 years now) that presents a World (Hearth) that is conducive for anyone to legally build upon, just in case someone else should wish to write or evolve some aspect of the story, characters, etc.

To test the model later this year, am self-publishing the novel in two parts — the first Part will be “Copyleft;” the second part, Copyrighted. If you would like to see one demonstration of "streaming storytelling," I have been been experimenting on my own MediaWiki site — http://blondyn.com . I post an original CC BY-SA excerpt of a story each day that is available for anyone to reinvent. (Still searching for a community!)

Critique or feedback welcome; thanks for taking the time to read.

jon blondyn


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