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Regarding site up for deletion help

CaptainTCook (talkcontribs)

I would like to ask for help on the first wiki site i created and an editor has placed erroneously for deletion. I have tried to comply with the editors requests and made modifications in each case. He has however become hostile to the entire idea of the page and apparently does not think it merits a wikipedia page even though was a well known academic for his work in disproving the Big Bang theory and other modern physics theories.

The editor in question that I have't been able to reason with is:

If you could talk to him about it or maybe take a second look at the site and recommend me changes i am happy to comply. This is my first site and only have been editing it a couple weeks. I have learned a lot and want to progress and contribute to wikipedia more if i get a chance that is. (talkcontribs)


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