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Facility to click an image- and hear a .ogg

ClemRutter (talkcontribs)

Excuse me if I am asking the wrong question at the wrong place at the wrong time.

At the (link to: we helped users to add links to 97 (of potentially 3000) files of wildlife sounds. An example would be (link to:en:Yellowhammer) This was added in two places in the text, and in the taxobox to the English page. But the challenge was discover how difficult it would be to add these files to all 216 wikipedias. Answer: the obscure languages are easy but the more active wikipedias have custom infobox and you need to have wili specific knowledge to do both links.

The House sparrow has be done in multiple languages, da,de,af,cy,eo,es and here in Catalan (link to ca:Pardal)

My fouryear old granddaughter loved the sounds and kept tapping the picture of the bird to make it sing (Evidence of user need). Two problems- it wasn't a touch screen (evidence of common sense)- and even if you click it with a mouse no sound. So her question what do have to write so her bird would sing.

Here comes the rub: Can image map be extended so clicking a region directly launches a sound clip- with out any associated graphics. The syntax has to simple enough to be used when training beginners. The sound system seems to work with multiple sound clips- so if I click 5 sounds sequentially they play together.

This facility in medawiki software opens fantastic opportunities for Mediawiki intranets in Libraries and schools- and would be a great thank you to our partners the British Library and Europeana who are providing us with the .ogg files.

The British Library Sound Files

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