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how to use dt2-expand the right way

~o)sabine(o~ (talkcontribs)


after upgrading to a recent mediawiki version I'm just migrating our product wiki from datatable to datatable2 and encountered a strange behaviour.

We show informations for one product on a single page, but store the data for all products on another page.

Our template for the single product page includes an includeonly part for e. g. assigning it to several product categories and a noinclude part for categorizing the template and including the Documentation template.

This is an abstracted version of the product page:

{{#dt2-expand:producttemplate|productable|pname = 'productname'}}

The product template contains

[[category:snoozer|Vintage Pro 2000]]

With this enabled the product page will be categorized as template and the product template as normal page. When I swap the includeonly / noinclude tags everything is fine. Am I missing something in calling the dt2-expand function?

Thanks in advance,


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