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PJosepherum (talkcontribs)

The instructions do not make clear that in order for Redis to handle the job queue, mediawiki-services-jobrunner is required or else a critical error will occur:

Exception from line 92 of /var/www/html/w/includes/jobqueue/JobQueueRedis.php: Non-daemonized mode is no longer supported. Please install the mediawiki/services/jobrunner service and update $wgJobTypeConf as needed.

I have found the service required, but the instructions are not clear and installation is not intuitive for end-users. Puppet does not appear simple or necessary to install for most users, and it is not immediately obvious that the service is simply a script which needs to be perpetually run.

I am thinking I may be able to develop a solution by modifying the config available at into a systemd service or init script by some other means.

Any ideas or support would be appreciated as Redis has been suggested as a more responsive cache system for use with some of Extension:Semantic MediaWiki's new features.

Toniher (talkcontribs)

I think I managed to make it work with a code like this:

$wgJobTypeConf['default'] = [
        'class'       => 'JobQueueRedis',
        'redisServer' => "",
        'redisConfig' => [
                'connectTimeout' => 1
        'daemonized' => true


Basically by adding daemonized => true.

Kghbln (talkcontribs)

That's great news that you got it working. I will try to set up redis for the sandbox wiki.

FreedomFighterSparrow (talkcontribs)

"mediawiki/services/jobrunner" appears to be Wikimedia's way of continuosly running the job queue; AFAIK it's still possible to run it using cron and/or $wgJobRunRate. So adding 'daemonized' => true should indeed be enough. I'm still testing this.

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