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Suggestion: Allow users to keep an edit on draft for limited time only

Macruzbar (talkcontribs)

I was part of a translation challenge on Spanish Wikipedia. I wanted to focus mainly on women's articles, and I was able to do so for a few, but a lot of the articles had already been "taken" by other editors. However, after some weeks, I would go back to the translation challenge page, and the article that was "taken" by a user was still red. When I looked it up to translate it, the same user still had an ongoing translation.

Would it be possible to notify users when they've had a translation in progress for too long, to either finish it or open the process for other users to collaborate in the translation?


Pginer-WMF (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the feedback!

You are right, as the tool gets more adoption the chances of in-progress articles blocking other users increase. We are planning to work on two areas that can help with that. On the one hand, as you suggested, is to remind users of their old unpublished translations (more details in this ticket). On the other hand, we want to allow translators to be able to start a translation on the same topic, with the corresponding communication to avoid duplication of efforts but also preventing topics to get blocked (more details in this ticket).

You can track the progress on the corresponding tickets as well as comment or report similar issues.

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