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What does "Director of Architecture" mean anyway?

RobLa-WMF (talkcontribs)
It's been a while since I've been involved here, and I've got a pretty good excuse.  I'm going to avoid going into too much detail, but in short, I was involved in a pretty nasty traffic collision, and have only recently returned to work.  It turned out the way that a lot of bike versus car collisions go, which is to say, I lost  :-(

The good news (for me at least), I've largely recovered.  The surgeons here did a remarkable job putting me back together again.  I returned to part-time work a couple of weeks ago, and I'm getting back up to speed on things.  I still have a number of personal obligations that keep me from working full-time, but I'll keep my user page on updated with the latest (or point you to where I plan to keep that info).

Though we hadn't announced it in April, we had just talked about making my title "Director of Architecture" in the big reorg we had here at WMF.  We hadn't worked out exactly what that meant, but I had a vague idea which I intend to flesh out.  In the short term, I want to facilitate the activity of the Architecture Committee.  I've started chairing the private meetings of that group, and I'm taking on a bunch of the administrivia.  I'll make things clearer as they become clearer in my head  :-)  Well, maybe after that, and after I get a chance to write down what I'm thinking.

I'm really happy to be back involved!  \o/ If you have any questions, or you simply want to wave back, feel free to reply here.

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