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Scrolling to top of page on pages longer than screen length when using BlueSpice

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I really like this extension and it performs exactly as described in most cases. However I discoved a case where I experienced some trouble when used in conjunction with the extension BlueSpice which I use to add functionality to my wiki.

On short wiki pages everything is displayed normally; short meaning that either no scrolling is necessary to view the entirety of the page or the element with the tooltip does not require scrolling down to be seen (the scrollbar stays at top position).

Sadly, this is not true for longer wiki pages because whenever the cursor touches a tooltip element while the page has been scrolled down, the page is scrolled to the top. Naturally this makes displaying the tooltip virtually impossible as the mouse is no longer placed over the element.

I confirmed that this bug does not occur with BlueSpice deactivated, so my guess is that some compatibility issues, though I am unable to say on which end exactly or whether this is a problem that only I experience. Nevertheless I thought this should be brought to your attention.

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