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What is the roadmap of this extension?

Lsanabria (talkcontribs)


Is this going to remain supported for the next years or is it going to be replaced soon (this year or the next one)?

I read below that this extension was supposed to be replaced by Editor Campains but the pages for that project have not been updated in a while. I also noticed there was a session at Wikimania this year to work on something called Education-Program-Dashboard which also looks like is going to replace it.

AKoval (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Dear Lsanabria,

Thank you for your interest in the Education Program MediaWiki Extension. To answer your questions:

  1. I'm not certain of the current status of the Editor Campaigns project since its product manager left WMF in September 2014.
  2. Yes, the Education-Program-Dashboard is a potential replacement for this extension. During the Hackathon at Wikimania in Mexico, 1 Wiki Education Foundation employee -- Sage Ross -- *in his volunteer capacity* -- and 2 Wikimedia Foundation employees -- Adam Wight and Andrew Russell Green -- *in their volunteer capacity* -- along with other community members -- worked on the code base. There is a report of that work on the Wiki Ed blog here: . A draft roadmap of the work remaining to be done to have an MVP has been posted here: Extension:Education Program/July 2015 roadmap notes.

We welcome you and anyone else to help with this! Most of the work is already outlined in Phabricator.

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