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Pierre.becquart (talkcontribs)

Hello community,

I am an "old" French Wikipedia contributor but a novice translator .

Got a serious flaw closing my translation window by mistake.

When trying to go back I lost all my edits.

Is there any method to fallback on an earlier (not published) version ?

Thanks to you.

Friendly from Belgium.

Pierre Becquart

Pginer-WMF (talkcontribs)

Thanks for reporting this issue with all the details.

If I understand this correctly, you were translating an article and published the translation in the process. At some point when you closed the window, it was not possible to continue with the translation because the translation was already listed as published.

Making it easy to continue published translations is something we captured in this ticket for the team to work in the future (feel free to track the issue and add any comment).

Meanwhile, you can use the following workarond: start a new translation, work on the remaining paragraphs only, and once you click on publish you'll be provided the option to override or publish as a draft. If you publish it as a draft, the content will be saved under your user namespace so you can later copy the new content to the existing article. This requires some extra steps, but I hope it helps until the mentioned issue is solved.

Pierre.becquart (talkcontribs)

Hello Pginer-WMF

Thanks for your reply taht will be useful for other users as well.

My case is abit diffrent than what you describe: I DID NOT publish the article as it was only partially translated.

But I think I understood my mistake:

After having closed my edit page by mistake, I reopened it and did not see anything appear from my work.

The more the popup window inviting me to start the translation appeared like if the topic was not saved.

I thought it was lost and did some edits on the empty page that were automatically saved overwriting my work that was still there but in the background.

Now when I reopen the page it still appears empty but I retrieve my work by clicking the link "All translations" and open the draft page.

It takes a while before the translated colum is populated, so you can believe again you lost your work and do wrong things again.

Just want to clarify to prevent other beginners to fall in the same trap.

By the way is this procedure explained somewhere?

Mean retrieving saved work BEFORE publishing for the very first time (draft).

Merci !

Friendly from Belgium


Pginer-WMF (talkcontribs)

Ok. Then I think you are experiencing these two issues:

  • The new translation dialog opening each time users reach the dashboard (more details here).
  • The lack of loading indicators making it look like work is lost (described here).

Since we are aware that auto-saving may not be what users are most used to in a wiki, we are also considering ideas to better communicate that (more in this ticket) and facilitate users to return to incomplete translations the first time they leave them (more details here).

As you see we were aware that there are some gaps in the experience of users continuing their work, but having your detailed description of the process is really useful for solving them.

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