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Does anyone still use this?

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Does anyone still use this extension or is there something else or some wiki core I can enable?

Trying to install this on a MediaWiki 1.25.1 and it's not working.

Firstly had to comment out all the "wfLoadExtensionMessages ('PageInfo');" lines as that is deprecated and it was breaking my wiki. Is there something else I should do?

Secondly tried all the edits listed on the install page (why aren't they in the GIT considering 1.18 was a looooong time ago?) but they also contain some functions etc that were breaking my wiki.

Is this extension still supported (I see similar Info boxes everywhere)?

Can anyone help me get it working? (talkcontribs)

Went through and pasted in the edits in one by one testing my wiki in between each edit.

Found the last edit...

Replace the if-statement:

if( $wgArticle === null || 
    $this->pi_MagicWordMatchedInArticle || 
    !$wgArticle->exists() || 
    !in_array( $ns, $wgPI_Namespaces ) || 
    $action == 'edit' ) 


if( !$context->canUseWikiPage() ||
    $this->pi_MagicWordMatchedInArticle ||
    !in_array( $ns, $wgPI_Namespaces ) ||
    $action == 'edit' ) what breaks it. I get this error.

Fatal error: Class 'Database' not found in ...\mediawiki\extensions\PageInfo\PageInfo.php on line 146

PageInfo.php line 146 is: $db = new Database; (talkcontribs)


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