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English -> Italian translation don't work

Albysprx (talkcontribs)

English -> Italian translation don't work

Pedro Eduardo2206 (talkcontribs)

how so dont work

Albysprx (talkcontribs)

it doesn't translate, it's say automatic translation don't available

Runab WMF (talkcontribs)

Hello, English to Italian automatic translation is not available right now. We use Apertium for the automatic translation and are waiting for more languages to be supported, including Italian. Thanks.

Albysprx (talkcontribs)

why not google translate or any other translator for the languages not supported by apertium?

Amire80 (talkcontribs)

We hope to add support for other machine translation engines in the future, although I cannot commit to a date when this will be available.

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