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Whether edit filters do count preview actions

Mahitgar (talkcontribs)


Please refer to this hit to a filter on mr wikipedia. During regular examination of past hits I came across this hit. I am bit intrigued with this hit since the user does not seem to have clicked save button, if he had clicked save button, then there was nothing to stop change to take effect. I would like to understand whether edit filters may hit during just a preview action ? or is there any other possibility which might have stopped this edit to take effect ? Whether this hit is a regular expected behaviour of edit filter or it is a bug in itself ?

If hits are given on user preview actions then, whether those preview actions are counted in a edit filter where rate limit is mentioned ? Just I am trying to find if such edit filter behaviour is becoming cause of false positives. Actually I want to reproduce T100638 bug, which I have experienced once in a while but uptil now I have not been able to reproduce. Please also see bug T86434 reported by Dutch wikipedia, also need to be studied if it also has simmiller problem.


TheDJ (talkcontribs)

I can think of a few things, that might or might not cause this.

  1. Perhaps the user is editing from a shared IP address, and for some reason the filter is counting these as well ?
    Perhaps the stashing of an edit or the previewing of an edit using the API (Live preview) accidentally triggers this ?

Testing or reading the code will be the only way to figure it out I guess.

Mahitgar (talkcontribs)

Thanks for your reply giving valuable inputs.

Meanwhile I have listed few such likely instance at en:Wikipedia:Edit_filter/False_positives/Reports#Study_of_hits_and_false_positives. Since I am not admin at en wikipedia, I need some one's support in administrative preview of listed instances to confirm that if any blacklisting or any other action might have stopped those edit actions from getting saved. If not then those can be usefull for further technical/bug study which we are discussing in this thread.

If I can get support on this front then I can dig further to list more such instances at en wikipedia, and bring doubtfull hits to technical discussion and report at respective bugs wherever necessary.

Thanks again and warm regards

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