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Requesting ownership of an unmaintained extension

Kevstoy (talkcontribs)


My team has been working on improvements to an unmaintained mediawiki extension:

I contacted the current owner for permission to "adopt" the extension which he encouraged me to do so. However, when attempting to follow the instructions listed at: for gerrit repository ownership of the project (so that I could make updates/patches), the form to submit the phabricator task does not list the project in question. I'm not sure if this is because it's dormant or some other reason.

Please advise with any suggestions about how to request project ownership creditials for the project in question. Here's the link to the project/extension in gerrit. Thanks!

JSBreadcrumbs gerrit page:


Jeremyb (talkcontribs)

Hi Kevstoy.

Fixed. See the new link there. Apparently phab can't handle the parameter being an alias, nor a primary key (1076); has to be the canonical symbolic name. (filed)

Who is "My team"? please create a user page. (see e.g. User:Duesentrieb or User:AKlapper (WMF) if you want examples to start from. (but idk how to prevent echo from notifying them?))

Jeremyb (talkcontribs)

oops, you already had created a user page. I've restored it.

Kevstoy (talkcontribs)

Thanks Jerermyb. I'll try this tomorrow and I'll update my user page. yea, I had some initial issue with my user page, another admin marked it as spam. Thanks for fixing the phab. Looking forward to working with the system.

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