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Some issues in TR (some in only perhaps?)

Summary by Stultiwikia

Copying references over not possible; interwikis only available for exact string; loading the tool pages fail on first time, need refreshing; cursor moves awkwardly at times; can't save/see drafts.

Stultiwikia (talkcontribs)

1 - I can't directly copy over references, which, for some of the articles is suitable.

2 - Searching to add internal wiki links to other articles is done only by searching for the exact string, am I right? I always need to enter the exact string where I want the link to form to, but then edit the word(s) to correct it. For example, I wrote for "boğaz" (throat; but also means strait in TR) but "boğaz" was a disambiguation page and I needed to search for "boğaz (organ)", and select it, then delete the extra letters, and add some to form "boğazını". It's not a major issue, but when I don't know the exact name for a title, I'll need to improvise.

3 - First click doesn't load the page but only loads the background and some minor stuff on the upper right hand, I need to refresh any page (the beginning page, the search page, the translation medium etc) to be able to see contents and use it. It might be due to my browser (Firefox 37.0.2) or my extensions in the browser though; but I'd be glad if you could check why the lag occurs.

4 - Again, might be an issu with the browser; but cursor moves awkwardly at times.

5 - I can't seem to save or see my drafts (if they are saved automatically).

Thx and congrats on the tool!!

Runab WMF (talkcontribs)

Hello and thank you very much for trying Content Translation. We will check a bit more about this using Firefox. Meanwhile, if by any chance you get similar results using other browsers please do let us know. Thanks.

Stultiwikia (talkcontribs)

1 - I meant that for some articles, copying the references directly is suitable, but I can't do it.

3 - Loading of pages got more awkward; it might be because we're in the middle of translations of the tool in translateWiki though. I sometimes can't get the page to work after refreshing several times.

5 - My translation is gone I presume, I can't find it. :) It was for a page already existing. So I would translate, and we would delete the page to put the translation in place as I think we can't override pages. But it's gone now.

These might be sorted by the time the translations are complete on translatewiki but I don't have an idea how the tool works. Cheers!

Stultiwikia (talkcontribs)

Ah by the way, tables, for example, are hard to translate. They overlap; spill over to the translated side.

And also namespaces other than articles are not available right?

Runab WMF (talkcontribs)

Not yet. And tables are a known issue for now. :(

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