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Show non-checked page version until review = quality or higher

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This extension could be very useful to my agency, if I can get the configuration set to meet our requirements. I followed the instructions for restricting unapproved revisions, which almost works for my purposes. I have multiple tags, and my wgFlaggedRevsTags array is set such that each tag requires a level 2 in order to be considered "quality". The behavior I'd like to see is that each tag is controlled by a different reviewer, and only when all reviewers have set level 2, and we have "quality" achieved, is the revised page shown to anonymous users. Instead, what I see is that when any of the tags reaches level 2, putting the page into a "checked" state, the page is then displayed to anonymous users prior to the "quality" state being reached. How might I go about fixing this? (talkcontribs)

It looks as though there is not an available configuration option that I can set to modify the default behavior from accepting draft revisions (i.e. less than quality) as reviewed/stable. I can work around the need for having each reviewer control different levels on different tags, but I really need the viewable versions for anonymous users to only show once quality or pristine levels are reached. Having pages viewable after they have just been checked, but not yet reached quality will not work for my purposes. Can anyone help suggest what modifications I might try to this extension in order to get what I'm after? Many thanks.

Aaron Schulz (talkcontribs)
Bruno Spy (talkcontribs)

In fact the issue is not "how to not show unstable versions" but how to have stable versions only if a tag has reach a certain level.

For exemple, with only one tag with 3 levels Draft-Verified-Approved : how to tell the extension to consider that "Verified" is not a stable state and thus not shown by default (with $wgFlaggedRevsOverride = true) (talkcontribs)

Is there any update to this? I have the same question:

3 Levels: Draft - Verified - Approved. Only Approved shall be considered as stable, how to achieve this?

Setting is "status" => array('levels' => 2, 'quality' => 3, 'pristine'=3).

Currently all pages having status "Verified" are considered as "stable".

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