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Сунприат (talkcontribs)

Pginer-WMF, can this extension use other engines? Сan we now take it and turn it on but adding localy translator yandex and/or google?

Amire80 (talkcontribs)

Yes, this platform was designed to support multiple translation backends. Apertium is just the first one. It is also designed to be useful without any machine translation service.

Before we can enable Yandex and Google, we'll have to make sure that their terms of use can be applied in our context. We also want to make sure that the service provided is of enough quality for each language and the editing community around it. Hearing from our users that they are interested in certain services is really useful, and we welcome more community members to provide us with ideas on the quality of those services for their languages.

We are also going to make sure that ContentTranslation is useful without plugged-in machine translation service, simply as a side-by-side translation editor. Some users have found it useful enough to create some articles in Polish and Hebrew, even though no machine translation is available for these languages at the moment (see Content translation/Published pages).

Сунприат (talkcontribs)

terms of use - Can developers try to config it for the Russian language in the wiki ? In ru.WP now considering the inclusion of extension as beta-function (link). It looks useful, but there is no support of our language.

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