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Error after Install

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Hi, I am a bit at loss on how to preceed. I have a background in PHP and database programming, but I am not a professional developer.

I have installed Semantic Genalogy )i.e. it shows up in the "Special:Version" page, and I copied the Settings into LocalSettings.php as given. I have created some category pages and put information on a couple of pages.

However, if I navigate to Special:FamilyTree, i get the following error:

"[94f5cae5] 2014-11-18 13:31:13: Fatal exception of type MWException"

I have tested the solutions under http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Thread:Extension_talk:ParserFunctions/Fatal_exception_of_type_MWException_Error and do not seem to work, probably because "ParserFunctions" does not even show up in my LocalSettings.php.

My main goal is to have a family tree on every persons page.

My main question: How can I get this extension to work, and can I - at a later date - get the famiyl trees to be displayed on individual pages? Alternatively, how do I do that best?

Any Help apprechicated

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