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Egel (talkcontribs)


Last edit, on this or any other Wikimedia site, of Bryan Tong Minh (Bryan), the original author is around 2 years ago. The template:update is more than a year on the extension's page. The extension's (talk) page and the bug list is in urgent need of TLC of someone with a good knowledge of the extension. Let call that person the new maintainer. That the extension is used on all Wikimedia sites makes it only more urgent.

FreedomFighterSparrow (talkcontribs)

Hi @Egel,

You are right about Bryan, but I think you should look at the git commit history and see that necessary fixes are still made by various WMF folk. I also agree that the extension needs a new maintainer, and I would have loved it if the WMF made sure to officialy assign a maintainer to each extension they use, but that's simply not the case. Assigning the "abandoned" status to the page will not change that.

To me, "abandoned" strongly suggests "do not use" to users, as in "if this breaks, you're on your own". However, the extension is stable and working, and I think we can rest assured it will continue to be compatible with future MW versions, as the WMF uses it - so I believe this is misleading. If you still disagree, I will not revert another edit.


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