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User groups resetting after relogin

3 (talkcontribs)

When I add user to group editor or reviewer or autoreviewer or all off them user can review, all works well. But after user relogin he is deleting from this groups: MessageCache::load: Loading ru... got from global cache Unstubbing $wgParser on call of $wgParser::firstCallInit from MessageCache::getParser Parser: using preprocessor: Preprocessor_DOM Unstubbing $wgLang on call of $wgLang::_unstub from ParserOptions::__construct User: cache miss for user 97 User: loading options for user 97 from database. DatabaseBase::query: Writes done: DELETE FROM `user_groups` WHERE ug_user = '97' AND ug_group = 'editor'

Bty0808 (talkcontribs)

I have the same problem. Anybody have an idea of what might be happening?

Bty0808 (talkcontribs)

What authentication extension do you use?

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