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RTL help with BootStrapSkin

Mooeypoo (talkcontribs)

Hi Lee. I took a look at your skin, but I don't know that I understand what the problem is. It works fine in Hebrew and RTL. There's one issue I did find immediately - the header is flipped; in RTL, the logo should be on the right and the menu on the left, so you need to flip the pull-right and pull-left classes when in RTL mode. You can do that in the PHP end by checking the page direction settings in MW itself.

You mentioned you have a problem with the editor - do you mean the wikitext editor? (I didn't see problems with that) or VisualEditor? If you mean VisualEditor, we don't yet support external skins, especially ones as complex as this one just yet.

SwiftSys (talkcontribs)

Hi Moriel,

many, many thanks for taking the time to look at this for me, really appreciate it.

I've created a flipped bootstrap rtl css which solves the logo/menu issue, but I'm going to investigate your suggestion "page direction settings" because the css fix feels "dirty"!

Regarding the wikieditor; When writing in Hebrew using the editor does the user write rtl, its just that when I open the editor and write, the words still appear ltr, appologies for my ignorance - or will editing the page direction settings solve this?

Best wishes, Lee

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