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Extension not working after moving from Linux to Windows

Ironswalt (talkcontribs)

Hi all,

I recently moved my wiki from a LAMP setup to a WAMP setup. There have been a few small issues to resolve, one of them being that user's real names weren't displaying. I noticed that this is because this extension searches for the text "User:" and "User Talk:" in the content then replaces it.

However on Windows, the colon is URL Encoded so no match was made and no substitution performed.

To fix this, I changed Realnames.body.php around line 212 and replaced the colon with %3A:

    // always catch this one
#    $namespaces = array('User:', 'User talk:');
    $namespaces = array('User%3A', 'User talk%3A');

Hope this helps someone in future :)


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