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#display_points does not accept external URLs with equal-sign (=) in it

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Currently I am trying to update an old Wiki (with Maps 0.7.7) to the latest versions (Wiki 1.22.7 with Maps 3.0.1). I am stuck, because this will not work any longer:

52.0,9.0 ~[[File:Pic.jpg]] ~[ Test]

If the link does not contain the special character =, everything works fine. With the special character, the POI's icon does not appear at all. Using the short URL (without the title=) does'nt work for me.

BTW, the <display_points> Tag does not work at all for me with Maps 3.0.1

I didn't find the part of Maps-software which processes the URL, so I couldn't try any work-around. Please hel me.

QuotesUK (talkcontribs)

Have you tried replacing the equals character with either %3D or &#61; ?

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Yes, it didn't work for me. Link appears and can be clicked After clicking it, I get redirected to the main page of the wiki.

Jeroen De Dauw (talkcontribs) (talkcontribs)
I am not linking to the wiki itself.

My old format was like:

<display_points service=openlayers>

Which now produces a map, which is always centered at 0,0. When I navigate and zoom in to the POI, it is missing.

The new format works:

52.38,9.74 ~ ~[[Hannover]]

Changing many pages is possible but would involve much work, because it is not easy to be automated.

Protnet (talkcontribs)

I hope it's not too late for an answer.

Try creating a Template:= and put just = inside. Then replace all ='s in URL with {{=}}.

That should do it!

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