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Jay8g (talkcontribs)

I missed it a while ago, when it stopped working on monobook...

Thincat (talkcontribs)

Yes, I miss it so I'll be pleased to see something re-emerge. Thank you for the work (and or giving me a chance to use (misuse?) low for the first time).

Jdlrobson (talkcontribs)

We'll have to make sure the next version works in Monobook :)

Jay8g (talkcontribs)

Jdlrobson: Glad to be hearing that... all I've been hearing lately is "Monobook is not the default, we won't support it".

Atlasowa (talkcontribs)

Frankly, no. I do miss the awesome OpenStreetMap functionality that is standard on almost every Wikipedia language version (right next to WikiminiAtlas) - except on english Wikipedia. It's not even available as a gadget on enWP! You can only activate it by user script on enWP, see de:Hilfe:OpenStreetMap#Installation_in_anderen_Sprachen. This OSM tool is years old, it works, it's beautiful, it's useful, ... just perfect. "Nearby Pages" is inferior, I'm sorry. This makes me really wonder if this is a case of "If something is not happening on english Wikipedia, it doesn't exist for WMF". This new mockup places the map _over_ the article text (so you can't read the article _and_ look at the map) and the map window is tiny (so you can't read the map either).

This is so much better on the OSM-tool by Kolossos, the map unfolds above the article text and has a usable, readable size on screen. Plus you can choose a layer of geotagged commons images. Plus you can choose a layer of geotagged articles in other Wikipedia language versions. etc...

Regarding "Drop pin": That is a bad idea. Inviting bad edits in good-faith and map vandalism alike. Who is supposed to clean this up, the WP community? Please, just don't! Read up on the selfie-pocalypse on commons, or the terrible VisualEditor deployment on Wikipedia and think about it. Think!

Atlasowa (talkcontribs)

I'll admit one thing ;-) though: the map pin icons at Kolossos OSM-tool are ugly (I think he agrees). See this map on the iOS Wikipedia app of _2012_ , it has nice map icons and i think that would be an improvement to the OSM-tool above (with the confused icon shadows... and weird sized icons).

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