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Klipe (talkcontribs)


Based on my experience with Wikipedia in French, I have some difficulties to identify how Flow would replace the subpages in the article talk space.

In Flow Portal/Functional Specifications/Boards and Topics#Board, I read "Each MediaWiki page object may have one (and only one) Board associated with it.". What exactly is considered a MediaWiki page? How could we use Flow to replace subpages of talk pages (for which there is no corresponding subpage of the main page)? On WP:FR, we use this a lot for evaludation purposes, such as in the process towards good articles and featured content.

On that same page, I also read "If a Board's associated Page is deleted, the Board itself is deleted.". Well... One case where we use subpages of the article talk namespace on WP:FR is for the Articles for Deletion process. And we definitely need those discussions to survive the possible actual deletion of the article!

Arthur Rubin (talkcontribs)
Quiddity (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Subpages: Note that the plan is to not place Flow in any /subpages automatically, but rather to provide some sort of switch so that it can be selectively enabled where it is wanted.

Boards without associated pages: That's a good point. I've taken a look around, and these seem to be examples of what you mean:

We used to do this at English Wikipedia, too, in various places, such as w:Talk:Steve Reich/Comments, but they've been phased out over the years (See w:Wikipedia:Discontinuation of comments subpages). I believe we still do this in various places in non-article namespaces, but I can't find any great examples at the moment.

I'll ping the developers, to let them know.

Deleting Boards: Do note however, that as it says, if a "Board" is deleted, any Topics (threads/content) within will not be deleted - the topics will still be linkable and visible, they just won't all be compiled into a single Board. Deleting those Topics would be an entirely different process. I'll have to check, to find out what would happen to the Header-material, in that circumstance.

Fram (talkcontribs)

We still do it in article namespace as well, e.g. for good article reviews like or .

Klipe (talkcontribs)

Sorry for popping up only seldom on the MediaWiki wiki... I just want to confirm that the examples you found indeed correspond to what I had in mind and add some info about the case of a deleted article:

  • The (now non-existing) w:fr:Solvaxis page in the main namespace contains a first box listing the journal of moves and deletions, in which there is a link "(Décision PàS)" pointing to the talk subpage containing the AfD discussions and conclusions.
  • From what I understood regarding the topics in Flow, we would need a board containing several topics to match the current structured content of the AfD talk subpage for one article on WP:fr. You remind us that the topics would still exist even though the board would be deleted... and I'm not sure that this would be sufficient.

Anyway, thanks (also to the dev's) for looking into this.