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How to install infobox in latest mediawiki

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Hi there, Can you give me a simple installation procedure for infobox. I am searching for infobox installation in latest mediawiki for about two days. I have googled it and didnt find any useful tutorials about that. Whether in default mediawiki,infobox is deactivated or not. I have gone through this tutorial but having a considerable difficult understanding the installation procedure.

What is commmon.css? i didn't any in my mediawiki

I tried to add this code in my mediawiki

|name         = Infobox/doc
|bodystyle    = 
|title        = Test Infobox
|titlestyle   = 

|image        = [[File:example.png|200px|alt=Example alt text]]
|imagestyle   = 
|caption      = Caption for example.png
|captionstyle = 
|headerstyle  = background:#ccf;
|labelstyle   = background:#ddf;
|datastyle    = 

|header1 = Header defined alone
|label1  = 
|data1   = 
|header2 = 
|label2  = Label defined alone does not display (needs data, or is suppressed)
|data2   = 
|header3 =
|label3  = 
|data3   = Data defined alone
|header4 = All three defined (header, label, data, all with same number)
|label4  = does not display (same number as a header)
|data4   = does not display (same number as a header)
|header5 =
|label5  = Label and data defined (label)
|data5   = Label and data defined (data)

|belowstyle = background:#ddf;
|below = Below text

but getting this Template:infobox in red link but when i tried sandbox its working fine

Please provide some easy installation tutorial for infobox. I think i am not alone in this while googling i found most of the people have same problem as like me most are not very good in programming.

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

Copying templates from Wikipedia won't work, you'll require to install the Scribunto extension, see Thread:Project:Support desk/invoke infobox error in mediawiki.

If you don't have MediaWiki:Common.css on your wiki, you'll have to create it by simply navigating to MediaWiki:Common.css on your wiki and editing the page.

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