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Subpages are not exported correctly - PNGs are copied as 0 byte files

Livxtrm~mediawikiwiki (talkcontribs)

I have noticed 2 problems with the DumpHTML extension in combination with the latest version of mediawiki. Mediawiki version: 1.20.3. Version of DumpHTML: rev 115794 from mediawiki svn.

The first problem is that if you use 'subpages' ( /s in urls ) then the links are broken in the static output. The generated pages have the incorrect number of ".." relative links in them. This may potentially be resolved by setting 'munge-title' to md5; to prevent the extra slashes from being dumped into the name, but I didn't try to do so. ( and I don't want to do so, I want the titles to be left alone, not converted to a hash )

How come there is no way to output pages in the same structure as they exist originally? Why are you -forced- to use the new 3 folder deep "hashing" mechanism? I assume this is to prevent too many files from being dumpdr into the same folder, but there should be a way to shut this off and the code should be fixed to allow subpages.

The second problem is that image-snapshot seems unable to handle png images. The main icon in the upper left of my wiki is a png. A file for that is created in the duplicate, but it is a 0 byte file. The original file is not copied. It seems the images are not directly copied, and that DumpHTML is not able to handle pngs.

This post was posted by Livxtrm~mediawikiwiki, but signed as Livxtrm. (talkcontribs)

If you got a problem with images, try running with "sudo php dumpHTML.php ..." (yes, you can kill me now). DONT TRY TO USE IT ON PRODUCTION SERVER, ITS DANGEROUS! The problem seem to be coming from, but at least with sudo it works as is. (talkcontribs)

Running the dumpHTML.php with root permissions doesn't seem to solve the problem (at least for me).

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