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OpenHatch and other external mentorship projects

Qgil-WMF (talkcontribs)

This project needs to be useful to OpenHatch and other external mentorship projects interested in helping new contributors getting involved in our community:

  • We already would make their work easier by identifying and publicizing tasks looking for new contributors, and also potential contributors together with their semantic profiles connected to Gerrit, Bugzilla and Labs.
  • We can have them as a tag that would allow us to retrieve dynamic pages about who is intersted in e.g. OpenHatch, what tasks have been accomplished in the context of OpenHatch projects and by whom... We need to define requirements for this.
  • We can also look at how to integrate better with their services via their or our API. More discussion and requirements is needed here.

There is a potential scenario for outsourcing parts of the contributor management and outreach to OpenHatch or a similar organization. Personally I don't think this is an option for us. We are part of a big Wikimedia movement, volunteer contributions is at the very core of our mission, no other Wikimedia project is outsourcing this work and I don't see a reason for us to alter this. BUT I don't think (neither I want) to do all the work by ourselves, especially when there are many organizations, like OpenHatch, willing to help us. Good collaboration with them is a strategic priority and this project should reflect this.

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