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Qgil-WMF (talkcontribs)

I just reverted the last changes in order to bring back the font color sanity. Having +5 font colors in an informative text is just not normal.

I'm not sure about the 2 column layout at the top of the page, at least in the way it is presented now. Looks ugly both in regular desktop screens (right column bigger height forces plenty of empty space in the left column) and in mobile (both content columns + the MediaWiki left navigation bar get squeezed making the page barely readable). Why not converting the content in the right column in a first horizontal block with extra design, and then have all the rest of information in mostly plain text + pictures? Or at least make the right column a proper floating box letting content around it flow and behave well in mobile (like infoboxes do).

Also, do we need to have all the past events listed at the top? Looks more of a "See also" type of content, and in fact there are past events already listed there.

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