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Maps and subpage list issue

Christharp (talkcontribs)

Hi, first and foremost thanks for all the great extensions. I've found an issue with Extension:SubPageList and this extension. After much searching (since I had sublist as part of an infobox) I've found that if sublist is used before a map I get a fatal exception. If sublist is used after a map everything works fine. Strangely if I use a map first, then sublist, and then followed by a map everything works fine.

I'm using SubPageList (Version 0.5),Maps (Version 2.0.1), Validator (Version 0.5.1), MediaWiki 1.20.2, PHP 5.4.10 (apache2handler) & MySQL 5.5.28-log.

Jeroen De Dauw (talkcontribs)

This is caused by how Maps uses the parser and will hopefully be fixed in the next release of Maps.

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