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How to enable the drop down list of "View templates on this page"

Zoglun (talkcontribs)
Bawolff (talkcontribs)

It appears to be part of extension:Vector.

On setptember 27 there were the following entries in the server log:

23:13 logmsgbot: olivneh synchronized php-1.20wmf12/extensions/Vector/modules/ext.vector.footerCleanup.css
22:50 logmsgbot: olivneh synchronized wmf-config
22:05 logmsgbot: olivneh synchronized php-1.20wmf12/extensions/E3Experiments 

Which would indicate that it is part of vector extension which was deployed as part of the E3 teams work. (E3 team seems to just do random small messings with the interface of only enwikipedia)

To get it enabled on another (Wikimedia) wiki, file a bug in bugzilla with Product set to Wikimedia, component set to site requests, and having the keyword shell. In the bug ask for $wgVectorFeatures['footercleanup']['global'] = true; to be set for your wiki. Typically one should also link to a discussion on the wiki in question so that the dev dealing with the request knows that the feature requested is actually wanted on the wiki in question.

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