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Why is the icon so different from the thumb icon?

TMg (talkcontribs)

Why is the icon a blue "i"? This is sooo different from the default double-rectangle thumb icon. There is currently a discussion in the German Wikipedia and I remember several earlier discussions. All users consider the blue "i" confusing. Why can't it be more similar to the default icon? Or a magnifying glass icon with a white outline? This would be very helpful, especially if an SVG map is shown in a smaller size and the user wants to enlarge it.

Mitchelln (talkcontribs)

It would be great if this couple be disabled completely via the MW link= parameter. I guess this extension was written before this parameter was added to images :)


קיפודנחש (talkcontribs)

actually, the link to the original image can easily be suppressed (as documented in the extension page) by adding the parameter

| desc none

(other possible values are "bottom-right" which is the default, "bottom-left", "top-right" and "top-left"). note that image copyright and good citizenship requires that a link to the original image will exist somewhere. this hold in wikis that adhere to CC-BY-SA, but may not be required in other wikis.


TMg (talkcontribs)
Alternative icons

This doesn't answer my question. Can we please change the (in my opinion) confusing blue "i" with something that looks like the default thumbnail icon or a magnifying glass?

Krabina (talkcontribs)

I agree: I also thinkg the "i" should not be there, but the standard icon for thumbnails should be used.

TMg (talkcontribs)

@Volker E. (WMF), are you aware of plans to change this icon as part of the UI standardization process?

Volker E. (WMF) (talkcontribs)

@TMg Hi, we're currently in the process of gathering feedback on a general overhaul and alignment of our WikimediaUI icon set to the icon guidelines in our style guide at

When we are in agreement and addressed all feedback we will amend the icons in all of Wikimedia Foundation products step by step. This is currently estimated as several months process, rolling out to MediaWiki core, MobileFrontend or VisualEditor first.

In the long run the new icon set should also be applied to extensions like ImageMap. In order not to loose this out of focus, I'd suggest filing a task on Phabricator about it.

Krabina (talkcontribs)
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