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Concerning; Conflicts of Project Management

Habatchii (talkcontribs)

This inquiry is directed towards the Dispute Resolution committee(s) of this and other WikiMedia sites.

Accordingly; I recent signed on as a member of the 2012 Extension Page Review Drive project here on the mediawiki site, under the direction of User:Varnent and proceeded nonchalantly and without bias intent to try new extensions, reporting 'some' of those that did not work with MW1.19. I had positive results until approached by User:Jasper Deng who did accuse me of a gross misrepresentation (see; Concerning; Extension:SecurePoll).

There is an obvious conflict of Project Management in this case. I do not have any legal issues with the aforementioned editor, nor the original author of the extension(s) in question. I only intended to notify other editors and users that the published version was not completely cited for useability by using site authorized templates.

In addressing the editor's usage of Wikipedia material, there are more conservative than accusations being drawn.

Please consider establishing a new Project Resolution process to avoid possible edit conflicts. Such a resolution may include a new showcase project for system or featured extensions, so reducing unsolicited traffic, notification for project members and providing administrative overhead for developers.

Disciplinary reliefs will not be sought in this matter.

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