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Topics people will be working on (Edit, improve, expand this list)

Guillom (talkcontribs)
  • Merlijn van Deen: interface localisation and site-based configuration
  • Oren Bochman: evaluate articles; user:?Bot
  • Tobias, Wikidata: automated UI testing with Selenium
  • Andrew Pearson (TParis): unblock system on en.wp
  • Harry Burt: translating images
  • Brandon Harris: design stuff
  • Kai Nissen (WMDE): RENDER
  • Daniel Mietchen, Wikipedian in Residence on Open science
Wikipedia Cite-o-Meter, plugins for the Open Access Media Importer; JATS-to-MediaWiki; flagging of OA-ness; exporting Open Access File of the Day beyond MediaWiki (e.g. to RSS, for embedding in blogs); cross-wiki usage stats
  • Dario Taraborelli: WMF; product research ; citation data, reference data, Wikipedia Cite-o-Meter. Data sets, visualization
  • Siebrand Mazeland: WMF; language support
  • Jeroen de Dauw: Wikidata
  • Tim Alder (Kolossos): OpenStreetMap
  • Christian P. and Emmanuel Engelhart: a first prototype of a ZIM reader using Cordova Qt and C++
  • Finn Aarup Nielsen (fnielsen): Numerical data and computations in wikis (in Lua and Wikidata?). Sentiment analysis/bias detection in Wikipedia (talkcontribs)

anyone knows where Christian P. is sitting? :) --Petrb

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