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Default username or passing --username flag to svnImport, etc?

2 (talkcontribs)

My SVN repositories are setup with links to LDAP and our corporate systems, however I would like to simply slurp in the initial commit data with svnImport.php. I do not see any obvious way, sans modifying the code, to allow svnImport.php to be supplied a username/password.

Thoughts on this?

This looks like a *great* project, since my team currently uses the normal mediawiki sw for team stuff, and having them use another tool like Basecamp, etc, will just confuse them or "buy-in" won't be productive, so CodeReview is something I am really going to be behind and support.


-Tom (talkcontribs)

Lines 186 and 187 of CodeReview.php have the $wgSubversionUser and $wgSubversionPassword variables defined as false. Going to modify these and see what happens.

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