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The reason I created that page with the same content as Help:Extension:ParserFunctions was to show the result of #ifeq-ing two templates with the same content but different titles in my new revision which is pending as of 00:32, 25 January 2012 (UTC):

{{#ifeq: {{Help:Extension:ParserFunctions/identTest1}} | {{Help:Extension:ParserFunctions/identTest2}} | equal | not equal}}not equal (although the content of Help:Extension:ParserFunctions/identTest1 is <strong> <math>8+3</math> <nowiki>Identical test...

</nowiki> and the content of Help:Extension:ParserFunctions/identTest2 is <strong> <math>8+3</math> <nowiki>Identical test... </nowiki>) Think again about speedy deletion for this.

Reply to "Speedy deletion for Help:Extension:ParserFunctions/identTest2?"