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Why is this extension needed?

Peachey88 (Flood) (talkcontribs)

Please forgive me if I am incorrect. I am a newbie at programming.

As I added to the see also section:

If these extensions allow the editor to embed dynamic pages in a wiki, why use this extension which only allows an editor to add static (unchanging) text content?

With Iframe html, for example you can:

  1. edit a wiki inside of a wiki, or
  2. add external forum comments inside a page of your wiki.
  3. browse youtube on a page of your wiki.
  • This extension allows one to seamlessly integrate a piece of text or HTML within a page in addition to using iframes. I use it to include pieces of code, and the extension also does the syntax highlighting for me, it's basically great. Iframes are great too, but they do different things.

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