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Auco (talkcontribs)


thanks for the nice extension, I was very relieved to get rid of the RegEx crap that I was fighting with before.

However, there is one severe bug in FancyBox:

There's a hardcoded URL in FancyBoxThumbs.php, line 71:

.' $(this).attr("title", $(this).attr("title") + "<br />Origen: <a 
style=\"color:#888888;\" href=\" 
Archivo:"+pieces[pieces.length-1]+"\">" + pieces[pieces.length-1] + "</ 

"" should not be hardcoded and must be replaced with the current URL and "/File:"

and "Origen" seems to be some other language than english, so I suppose it should be "Origin:" or "Source:"

Additionally I have two proposals:

1. The loading of jQueryMin from Google is a question of preference, but I prefer to keep it local. So I changed line 54




(of course after putting jquery.min.js in the extension directory.

2. I added this to my css to make it clearer where the extension will load; it'll add a magnifier cursor:

a[rel^="group"] img { 
        cursor: -webkit-zoom-in; 
        cursor: -moz-zoom-in; 

#fancybox-overlay { 
        cursor: -webkit-zoom-out !important; 
        cursor: -moz-zoom-out !important; 

Hope this feedback is useful, Cheers,

Unikum111 (talkcontribs)

I think it's important notes.

Also I observed this extension conflict with vector extension (version 0.2): vector extension load /skins/common/jquery.min.js.

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Hi. Just tested FancyBoxThumbs 1.0 with MediaWiki 1.18.0rc1 and it works fine :)

Maybe be carreful with your jQuery version because MediaWiki now load

and use "jQuery JavaScript Library v1.6.4".

Gilluminate (talkcontribs)

Thanks Alaflix! I have updated the JQuery version in this new version 1.0.1, but keep in mind that the JQuery in the extension will only load if JQuery is not already present. Meaning, if MediaWiki has loaded it's own latest supported version, the extension will automatically use that version; if for whatever reason that version does not load, the extension loads a version as a backup option. It is unlikely that the version in this extension will ever be loaded.

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