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How-to add new tab to the "Top Tabs" bar?

Danny373 (talkcontribs)

Hi! In my own Wiki (based on MediaWiki engine), in LocalSettings.php config file I created new custom namespace with the name of "Foo":

$wgExtraNamespaces[101] = "Foo";

I have a question. How do I get to create a new tab with the same name "Foo"? As a result, the tabs bar would look like this: "Article", "Discussion" and the "Foo". As for example, the additional tab in the Wiktionary is a "Citation" tab.

In advance thank you very much for the help.

Best regards,

Katkov Yury (talkcontribs)

Use the hooks SkinTemplateTabs (for monobook) and SkinTemplateNavigation (for Vector). You can see the example of that in the following extensions: Extension:Collaboration_Diagram and Extension:Semantic Forms

And please if you have time write a bit of manual on that, I promise to help!!! The current programming documentation is very incomplete.

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