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Siebrand (talkcontribs)

Is there any information about how to use some of the features described, such as the different thread views ("flat, nested, sorted by date, subject, etc." -- I see how to change the sorting, but not how to switch between flat and nested, much less what other options might be available)?

Also, is it possible to transclude views of a discussion thread or topic list -- some possible uses:

  • table of all discussions on a given page (possibly with a maximum length)
  • list of all comments by a given user
  • table of all discussions or comments tagged with a given category
  • more complex queries (all comments by a given user tagged with a given category)

I see that transclusion can be done with specific threads using {{:Thread:Talk:Page Name/Thread title}}, but {{:Thread:Talk:Page Name}} does not exist (I would have expected it to show all threads for that page, in some format or other).

00:53, 9 January 2011 (UTC)

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Wikinaut (talkcontribs)

I found these resources useful:

<translate> [[<tvar|man-ip>Special:MyLanguage/Manual:$IP</>|$IP]] stands for the Installation Path (or "directory") of your MediaWiki installation, the same directory that holds [[<tvar|LocalSettings>Special:MyLanguage/Manual:LocalSettings.php</>|LocalSettings.php]], [[<tvar|index>Special:MyLanguage/Manual:index.php</>|index.php]] etc..</translate>

For example in LiquidThreads.php at the end:

/** Switch this on if you've migrated from a version before around May 2009 */
$wgLiquidThreadsMigrate = false;

/** The default number of threads per page */
$wgLiquidThreadsDefaultPageLimit = 20;

/** Whether or not to allow users to activate/deactivate LiquidThreads per-page */
$wgLiquidThreadsAllowUserControl = true;

/** Whether or not to allow users to activate/deactivate LiquidThreads
    in specific namespaces. NULL means either all or none, depending
    on the above. */
$wgLiquidThreadsAllowUserControlNamespaces = null;
/** Allow LiquidThreads embedding */
$wgLiquidThreadsAllowEmbedding = true;
Hollosch (talkcontribs)

What doe the "embedding" function ?

AldV (talkcontribs)

Thanks, I'd seen these, but didn't really understand them; your message made me take another look to them. I think it wouldn't take more than five minutes to document these parameters better, and to add a bit more info to the section "User documentation" of this page, since it doesn't even say how to make LQT either opt-in or opt-out ("comprehensive documentation" may come later, but at this point it is so scarce as to be almost useless). So to save time to other people who might have the same question, this is what I did to make it opt-in: removing it from talk pages by default, leaving user control true (so that users can always turn them on if they wish).

/* Allows switching LiquidThreads off for regular talk pages
        (intended for testing and transition) */
$wgLqtTalkPages = false;
/** Whether or not to allow users to activate/deactivate LiquidThreads per-page */
$wgLiquidThreadsAllowUserControl = true;

To make it opt-out, i.e. to use it by default in all talk pages unless someone turns it off, just don't touch anything.

The reason I chose opt-in is reading about various bugs in various places (eg. in Wikieducator), which doesn't make me confident about deploying it sitewide, and the fact that this seems to be current practice in various wikisites: add LQT in selected places, but not on all talk pages. By the way, there are also a couple of settings that I don't understand:

$wgPageProps['use-liquid-threads'] = 'Whether or not the page is using LiquidThreads';

/* Allows activation of LiquidThreads on individual pages */
$wgLqtPages = array();

What are valid values for $wgPageProps['use-liquid-threads']? And for $wgLqtPages? I tried putting a page title in the array so that only that page would use LQT, without any result.

And, finally, what's the role of those tags mentioned in one of the replies? Where does one use them? Thanks

Kakashi~mediawikiwiki (talkcontribs)

Do I need to change 'Whether or not the page is using LiquidThreads' to 'true' in order for the page to show that I'm using LQT?

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Werdna (talkcontribs)

Thread embedding is already supported on current software. You can use the <talkpage /> or <thread /> tags for that.

Many of the other things mentioned in the redesign (such as different views) are not yet supported.

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