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Is it really necessary to allow users to edit each other's posts?

Smile Lee (talkcontribs)

I think that should only be allowed by admins. Or, perhaps there should be a way to disable it on some wikis like a permissions thing.

Myrtone (talkcontribs)

On forums powered by forum software, only moderators can edit other users posts.

Redekopmark (talkcontribs)

I'd agree with that, same with the drag to new location, especially for annon users

Jorm (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Drag to location is extremely likely to go away. It isn't really a useful feature in its own right: the effects it has can usually be implied with a "split" topic.

Moving posts within the same thread tree is non-intuitive and highly confusing to users.

Yair rand (talkcontribs)

On Wikimedia wikis, I think it would be better if anyone could edit anyone's posts, like in the current system. (talkcontribs)

I agree that allowing it on Wikipedia's talk pages is beneficial to collaborative efforts.

But I think that having it set by permissions to edit each other's posts. Because, it'd be nice if certain usergroups couldn't edit other's posts. An unregistered user, or maybe a user with that particular permission revoked, should be disallowed from editing other people's posts.

Smile Lee (talkcontribs)

I just read the "Shared Posts vs. Private Posts" section, that's a brilliant idea. I think this is an awesome step in the right direction. Can't wait for this to launch.

Sj (talkcontribs)

I agree 100% with Yair - anyone should be able to edit anyone else's posts. We have a well-developed culture of knowing how and when to do this constructively, and there are many instances where it is essential to be able to edit someone else's posts to make their work and the thread asd a whole understandable.

Adminship was not intended to be a barrier for doing that sort of textual editing, and I find the idea of this becoming an admin-only option contrary to our principles.

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