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Wikis with given User Name.
Author: Purodha
Type: Database access tool
Tags: username allwikis

Category:Tools by Purodha

Given a user name, find all replicated Wikimedia projects where this user name is known, and list:

  • No. – count of identified projects
  • Wiki – data base name of the replicated project
  • Main Page – URL of the project main page (linked to that page unless the wiki has been deleted)
  • User Page – URL of users user page in the project (linked to that page)
  • User ID – local user id of the user in the project
  • Since – registration date and time of user in the project, if available (linked to user creation log entry)
  • Groups – names of the groups in the project, that the user is assinged to (linked to project user list, starting with the users entry)
  • Edits – number of edits, including deleted ones, of the user in the project (linked to users list of contributions)

plus the sum of all such edit counts, and the count of wikis still existing.


There are several language versions available: Deutsch English Ripoarisch zxx

You can add another translation by …

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