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Category:Disabled tools


Check spelling using aspell hack
Author: cmackenzie
Type: spelling
Current version: 0.4 (1 January 2007)
Source code:

Category:Tools by cmackenzie

By substing in {{subst:spellchecker}} on the English Wiktionary, or on the English Wikipedia, you'll get a [Check spelling] button added next to [Show Changes], that you click to get to this interface to 'aspell.' You have to use only Monobook (or Modern) for now - add it to your [[User:<yourusername>/monobook.js]]. (Or even here, in your Special:Mypage/modern.js.)

Note that this is so primitive, it only tells you about spelling errors - it does not correct them for you. Obviously, if you are using Firefox, you don't need this. But poor users stuck in the dark ages of Internet Explorer seem to appreciate it, despite having only partial functionality.