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This page was moved from the Toolserver wiki.
Toolserver has been replaced by Toolforge. As such, the instructions here may no longer work, but may still be of historical interest.
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/mnt/user-store/ is a common directory to store large files for any Toolserver user. Current disk usage can be seen with df -h.

DO NOT store files in the root of /mnt/user-store/, always create directory for them.


Users: dschwen (WikiMiniAtlas)
Purpose: The ./cache directory contains 120000 800px thumbnails from a selection of commons images (all featured pictures and quality images as of mid February, recent images, images from select contributors).
I'm using these to test content based image retrieval engines. To avoid downloading the thumbs all the time.
Users: multichill
Purpose: pictures Need more details???
Users: unknown
Purpose: directories named event4–event19 (last changed between 2009 and 2013), containing subdirectories like "user208", containing images. A repackage of POTY files?
Some dumps from http://dumps.wikimedia.org are stored here.
dumps/dbname/ (now empty)
Users: ???
Decompressed dump from http://download.wikimedia.org/ Please be careful when decompressing large files as you'll be doing it over NFS (All future dumps be kept in dumps/.)
When you create a file here (for instance downloading an archive or uncompressing it), remember to issue chmod a=rwx on it so that all other users can move or delete it when needed.
Users: harddisk
Purpose: creating static dumps of wikis (experimental)
Users: multichill
Purpose: ISS photos Need more details???
Users: everyone (updated by nemobis daily currently)
Purpose: checkout of master MediaWiki core + all extensions for read-only (search, git blame and so on) purposes by users or tools.
Users: cmarqu
Purpose: Overlay map tiles in OpenStreetMap's directory format for hillshading
Users: schutz, emijrp
Purpose: Raw squid statistics data from http://mituzas.lt/wikistats/ [1][2]
No longer available as of 2013; some of them are on m:wikitech:Nova Resource:Tools/Help#Shared files instead.
Users: ?
Purpose: Hosting a crazy amount of directories and files in the form 7E/7EFF/7FFE1FBB_pl_Nadróż.geojson.gz.

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