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This page was moved from the Toolserver wiki.
Toolserver has been replaced by Toolforge. As such, the instructions here may no longer work, but may still be of historical interest.
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{{{image description}}}
Author: [[Toolserver:User:{{{user}}}|{{{user}}}]]
Type: {{{type}}}
Current version: {{{version}}} (9 February 2021)
Tags: {{{tags}}}
Source code:{{{user}}}/
Source code:{{{user}}}/

Template Documentation[edit]

Template for displaying info about tool and categorizing automatically tool under [[Toolserver:Category:Tools by <user>]].

 | user              = 
 | address           = 
 | source code       = 
 | svn               = 
 | title             = 
 | image             = 
 | image width       = 
 | image description = 
 | author            = 
 | author display    = 
 | type              = 
 | version           = 
 | last update       = 
 | tags              = 
 | sort              = 
 | expired = 
Attribute Mandatory Description Example
user yes[user] part, can contain capital letters Tool address:

User name in toolserver wiki: JohnDoe
Value for this attribute: JohnDoe

address yes[address] part Tool address:

Value for this attribute: mytool

url yes Custom url instead of being based on "user" and "address"
sourcecode no[address] part Tool address:

Value for this attribute: viewsource

svn no[address] part SVN address:

Value for this attribute: mytool

title no Freestyle name for tool, default is {{PAGENAME}} John Doe's MyTool
image no Tool screen capture etc. mytool_sc.jpg
image width no Image width, default is 250px 250px
image description no Image description MyTool
author no Should be filled only if username in toolserver wiki not same as used in toolserver address Tool address:

User name in toolserver wiki: John Doe
Value for this attribute: John Doe (username in toolserver wiki)

author display no Display name for author JD
type no Tool type Edit counter
version no Tool version 1.0
last update no Last update date for tool, use ISO-formatted (yyyy-mm-dd) date 2007-10-17
tags no Tool tags categories, links, images
sort no Sorting key for categories, default the same value as specified for 'title' yaec.php